What NICU Families are Saying About Little Warrior Princesses


Jurnee Belle

St. Luke's Plaza

“Jurnee Belle was born at St. Luke’s on Plaza at 24 weeks weighing 1 pound, 4 ounces. Although very tiny and fragile, she took up our entire hearts. After 96 days in the NICU, she was discharged on a heart monitor and oxygen for an additional 2 months at home. While in the NICU, parent’s are required to attend a mandatory CPR course. This training came in handy while at home, when Jurnee stopped breathing and I had to administer CPR. Today, Jurnee is 18 months and thriving!

A NICU stay can be very stressful. During our rollercoaster NICU ride, there were a lot of heartache and tears. We didn’t plan for Jurnee to be born so severely premature nor were we prepared for all of the extra added expenses. Traveling back and forth to the hospital everyday was expensive! That’s when we learned about Little Warrior Princesses Gas and Food Gift Card Program. We received a $25 gas gift card to Quiktrip and a $25 gift card to Chipotle. The gift cards were such a blessing to our family! In addition to the gift cards, we received information on other local resources and Cassandra even took time out of her busy schedule to chat with me about her experience, giving me hope for Jurnee.

I’m so thankful for Little Warrior Princesses! We had no idea the “journey” we’d go on but in the end, Jurnee was worth it all."

~ KizzyAnn Brown


Judah & Olivia

Shawnee Mission Medical Center

“Judah and Olivia were born at 31 weeks 2 days. Judah was 3lbs 12oz and 16" long. Olivia was 2lbs 3oz and 14 3/4" long. Little Warrior Princesses helped us by giving us restaurant gift cards during our 2 month stay at Shawnee Mission Medical Center NICU. This meant so much to us, since all of our time was spent with our babies in the NICU, and we had to eat out every day! This obviously was getting very expensive, and it helped us out so much by taking some financial stress off of our family! Thank you again so much, your support and encouragement came at the perfect time!"

~ Rebecca Seifert


Florence Jade Liora

Kansas University Hospital

"Our precious little girl was born at 23 weeks. She weighed in at 15oz and 11 inches long. We named her Florence Jade Liora. Liora in Hebrew means "God's gift of light to me" and she definetly has been a bright light in our lives. What a little miracle. She now weighs over 5lbs! It's been quite a journey for us and we have had our ups and downs here in the NICU but we have been so blessed. Little Warrior Princesses has been one of those that has reached out and been a help and blessing in time of need. It's so nice to know people care. Even about the little things. We are truly thankful!"

~ Hannah Winter


Lily & Conner

Children's Mercy Hospital

"Our twins were born at 26 weeks weighing 1lb 11oz and 1lb 13oz. We have been in the NICU for seven months and are finally getting ready to go home! It was a big suprise when I found out about Little Warrior Princesses, but I am glad I did! Cassandra called me up one day and told me about her program and of course I was elated. She told me she had gone through something similar so I knew she fully understood what we were going through. Little Warrior Princesses was such a blessing to our family as they provided us with a gas gift card and gift cards to two different restaurants. Everyone knows how delicious hospital food is but thanks to Little Warrior Princesses, we were finally able to go out and have a nice meal. Little Warrior Princesses has touched my heart in many ways and I could never thank them enough."

~ Megan Griffen