Why We Help


Ranked 16 out of 50

Kansas ranks 16 out of 50 states for premature birth.

3,432 Premature Babies

Kansas has 8.8% of their babies born prematurely. That is 3,432 babies each year.

66 Babies Each Week

This means, on average, 66 premature babies are born each week in Kansas.

1 in 12 are Preterm

1 out of every 12 babies are born preterm in Kansas.


Ranked 33 out of 50

Missouri ranks 33 out of 50 states for premature birth

7,346 Premature Babies

Missouri has 10.0% of their babies born premature. That is 7,346 babies each year.

141 Babies Each Week

This means, on average, 141 premature babies are born each week in Missouri.

1 in 10 are Preterm

1 out of every 10 babies are born preterm in Missouri.

What We Do

Little Warrior Princesses offers support to Kansas City Metro area NICU families by providing gas and food gift cards during their child's extended stay at the hospital.

Meet the Little Warrior Princesses

When Brandon and Cassandra Dickerson found out they were pregnant with twins, neither one of them expected to be in the delivery room at just 26 weeks. Their daughters, Ava and Olivia, entered the world weighing less than a pound each and with the odds stacked against them. Like all parents faced with a premature birth, Brandon and Cassandra were scared, unsure and overwhelmed. But their daughters were born with a fighting spirit. Miraculously, after four long months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Kansas City's St. Luke's Hospital, Ava and Olivia were able to go home.

The experience of Ava and Olivia's birth profoundly impacted the Dickerson's, and the couple began looking for a way to give back. That's when Little Warrior Princesses was born. The non-profit organization helps NICU families with transportation and food assistance during their extended stay at the hospital.

“No parent expects his or her child to be born early,” says Cassandra. “And almost immediately, the family begins incurring lots of unexpected, unbudgeted expenses.”

“There are so many things for new parents to be concerned about – especially with premature and sick babies.” Brandon adds. “Basic necessities shouldn't be one of them.”

Little Warrior Princesses seeks to offset some of those basic needs by providing gas and food gift cards to NICU families.

You can help. Please consider making a donation to Little Warrior Princesses. Even your seemingly small gift can make a huge difference. Your generosity allows families more time to focus on what is most important – their child.

Meet The Crew


Cassandra Dickerson

President and Founder

Cassandra Dickerson is President and Founder of Little Warrior Princesses. In her spare time, Cassandra enjoys singing and has performed the National Anthem for local events such as the Royals, T-Bones, The American Royal, Memorial Day Celebration at the WWI Museum and the annual March of Dimes, March for Babies Walk in Kansas City, MO, among other venues. She also regularly sings at her local church, Indian Creek Community Church located in Olathe KS. Cassandra and her husband Brandon have been married for 11 years and together share twins: Ava, 5; Olivia, 5; and their newest addition, Skylar.


Robin Wahrenbrock

Board Member

Robin Wahrenbrock serves on the board for Little Warrior Princesses. She has a Bachelors in Fashion Design from Missouri State University and a Masters in Education from the University of Central Missouri. Robin has over 12 years experience, teaching high school art. Robin and her husband Todd have been married 13 years and have boy/girl twins that were born at 24 weeks in 2012. Their daughter, Circe, came home after 90 days in the NICU. Their son, Melvan a.k.a. "Van", came home after 7 long months in the NICU. Robin's hobbies include art, photography, sewing, crafts, dancing, and visiting as many festivals and events as she can cram into her busy schedule.

Kennetha Gatlin

Kennetha Gatlin

Social Media Coordinator

Kennetha Gatlin is a proud Kansas City native. She grew up north of the river and currently reside in Mission, KS. She has two amazing, energetic, and goofy boys: CJ, 10; and Joshua, 8. Kennetha recently began operating her own virtual administrative business from home, and is currently pursing a degree in Business Administration from the University of Kansas. Since high school, giving back to the community and volunteering has always been important to Kennetha. She currently serves as our Social Media Coordinator.

Cari Seahorn

Cari Seahorn

Board Member

Cari Seahorn is our Founder's sister and Godmother to Cassandra’s twin girls who refer to her affectionately as their 'Auntie Mommy'. Cari witnessed Cassandra's NICU journey firsthand and it profoundly impacted her. Once her nieces were discharged from the hospital, she regularly helped take care of them. Cari has her RN from KCKCC and has worked in Children's ministry for many years at several Kansas City Metro area churches. She is currently working in the Children's ministry at 1C22 Church and All Nations Breakthrough Church. Cari has been a long-time volunteer with inner-city children and at Rachel's Tea House, a non-profit maternity community outreach program that empowers and equips teens and unwed moms to become productive citizens. Cari has been volunteering her time and resources to LWP, since it launched and currently sits on the board.